evildmguy (evildmguy) wrote in deargm,

Masterplan - Shameless plug

Is anyone playing 4E?

If so, you need to check out Masterplan.

This is a VERY nice set of tools to make and run adventures for 4E. I am even using it for d20 Future, so it can work for other systems with little problems.

I know this is a shameless plug but I can say it's not my program and since it's free, I get nothing out of it. I have created some plug ins for it, though, and enjoy that!

Basically, you can import in 4E monsters, dungeon tiles, create a map, put the monsters on the map, and then run the encounter. It has a wiki-like encyclopedia for campaign notes. It has the ability to use two monitors at the game table. It can show pictures and text in the player screen, again really helpful with the two monitors. It even lets you export it to html as a rough draft of an adventure!

Ever since I found it, I have only found more and more uses for it. I highly recommend it!

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