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The Role Play Advice Spot!

Toward the developement of better players and play, a caring environment with experienced players and GMs offering up the fruits of many years of hard-earned gaming experience.

Role players of all sorts, come and join us! The more, the merrier.

At this time, all posts will receive a reply, guaranteed. There will also be at least three info posts per week, on a wide variety of subjects. Let us know what you think!

Posts may be on points of ettiquette, how to handle rough situations, both for players and game masters, how to set up a game, how to run the game, how to advertise the game, how to keep the game running, how to handle players, how to be a player, how to handle gaming decisions, character sheets and characterization in general.

Additionally, advice may be asked on rules points. The founder saadiira is especially good for free form, managed freeform, GM'd freeform, character sheets, and second edition D&D tabletop, with a play history dating back to the early eighties.

dwg is a wiz on various ettiquette issues, freeform, and does the most amazingly snarky rants when she's of a mind to.

Charter member roll3d6 is one of the most awesome long term gamers going, a magnificent GM, great in both table top and freeform, and brings along wisdom of the best kind.

Posts may be of any fandom, and posters from any fandom may reply, though we ask that where possible on rule points, those with actual knowledge of the system in particular attempt to respond.

Some snark is expected, but outright flame wars may be frowned upon, especially where genuine advice is sought. Try to keep it mature, and even polite. Should it come down to it, we the founders will resolve things in whatever way we see fit. We'll hear you out, but our final decision is final. Don't like it? Dial 1-800-555-WAAH. Stalking and harassment of members will get you banned and reported.

Periodic rant posts, informational posts, and how-tos will be posted by the founders. Members may also post info-rants, and all members may comment on them. Member Q&A posts may be answered by any member. Try to give good, sound, logical advice. All gaming related questions are welcome.

Trolls and spammers are frowned upon, and may be severely mocked, if not outright banned.

Linked areas will be provided over time for Frequently asked questions, the posting of RPG sites, and other errata.

To advertise your RPG, post ONLY to this thread, and please follow directions!


Posts with mature subject matter must be clearly labeled, and put behind an lj cut!

Most posts will be PG-13, or slightly more intense. If it's anything that might be questionable for a 15 year old to view, definitely cut it. If there's any doubt, cut it anyway. Give an indication of why it was cut, as other posts may be cut for length or graphics.


If you have a particular area of expertise, and would like to regularly offer advice, you may apply to the founders, saadiira and dwg for a spot doing just that in a more official capacity (We'll add a write up on you to the list up there...)


More Links!

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Choosing A Game Wisely. How to avoid bad situations. Choosing players and characters more wisely, how to avoid drama down the line.

Link To Awesome Character Developement Sheets.

Gamer The Podcasting - An Info site, with downloadables suitable for any PC with MP3 capabilities. Thanks to otherdarkmeat for sharing the link.

Fantasy resources suggested for gaming, books, movies, music, supplements. Posts by members listing the good stuff